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Social and people centric engagement.

EOL places the human element at the heart of its concerns and company strategy. We strive to guarantee quality employment whilst also ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our employees, and client satisfaction paired with the creation of ties to local associations and communities.

Creation of local Employment

Création de l'emploi local EOL

EOL actively contributes to the growth of local
employment through an extensive coverage of
the territories where the company is active.


  • 2 manufacturing (France)
  • 1 Head Office (Saint-denis)
  • 3 showrooms (Paris, Brussels et Nieuwegein)
  • 12 plateforms (France & Europe)

Combating social exclusion and discrimination

Embauche de travailleurs handicapés en hausse


The hiring of workers with disabilities falls comprehensively within the company's commitment to combat exclusion and discrimination.



EOL's employees represent 14 different nationalities.



EOL promotes equal opportunities between men and women.

Skills development

Développement des talents EOL


EOL's recruitment process places the emphasis on opportunities for internal mobility. This key lever for skills development carries a number of advantages, both for the employees and the company.



Our world's future, shaped by the young generations of today. EOL has grasped this fact and welcomes a large number of interns within its ranks each year. Beyond a merely pedagogical or training function, internships serve as an authentic launchpad towards recruitment, and allow the company to train young workers in its specific procedures.



Staff training represents an essential pillar in companies' development and their capacity to adapt in the face of changing organisms and markets. Training opportunities stimulate staff productivity through the development of their technical and behavioural aptitudes.

Prioritising safety and wellbeing

EOL frequently proceeds to adapt its employees' workstations in order to render them more ergonomic, lighten the supported loads and reduce the arduousness of work. Committee meetings for Health and Safety at Work are regularly organised across all our sites.

Machine pour plateaux EOL

Production of a machine used to flip worktops over, in order to check the quality on both sides.

Machine à découpe laser EOL

Laser cutting machine with the ability to automatically load the metal sheets onto the worksurface, dispose of the leftover material, sort the different components and stack them on pallets.

Machine pour découpe tissu EOL

Fabric cutting robot that alleviates the work of the operator and optimises the cutting process.

Equipements de protection EOL

Employees working in our manufacturing facilities are provided with personal protective gear such as custom-moulded ear plugs, reinforced safety boots, ear defenders, etc.

Donations to charitable organisations

dons associatifs EOL

Embracing the circular economy concept, EOL reintroduces repurposed furniture into the loop by donating items to a range of not-for-profit organisations and charities, thereby extending the products lifestyle and making a positive social contribution.

Logos dons associatifs EOL


Contact LONDON
+44 (0)203 794 66 07

Showroom PARIS
1 rue des Céréales – Bât 112
93200 SAINT DENIS, France
+33 (0)1 49 35 60 00

Showroom  BRUSSELS
81 Chaussée de Nivelles,
1420 Braine-l’Alleud, Belgique
+32 (0)2 894 99 80

Symfonielaan 1
3438 EW Nieuwegein, Nederland
+31 (0) 6 823 62 118

fabricant mobilier de bureau EOL

Project delivery teams at your disposal ! Consisting of architects and designers based in France, the UK and Belgium, our creative team is tasked with the conceptual development of your workspace fit-out projects. We offer carefully thought-out and personalised solutions, aimed at improving the well-being of your employees and the appeal of your organisation.
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