Case studies.

Each office space can be seen as the expression of a unique identity, with the way in which it’s designed and furnished playing a big part in this.

Fitting out an office today requires an approach that recognises the importance of new working modes where the inclusion of mixed use spaces, such as brainstorming, concentration and break out areas, reflects evolving structural trends in society (home office, green working and informal spaces, itinerant working, proximity-based distribution, innovation labs, etc.). Creativity, well-being, efficiency and high levels of staff retention in a working environment are key indicators of a successful fit-out project. Our partners and clients choose EOL because our teams of experts (designers, engineers, project managers), our use of high-quality products (furniture “Made in France”) and a short channel of distribution all converge to deliver these beneficial outcomes. EOL offers bespoke office fit-out and furnishing solutions (themed environments, architectural plans, mood boards, teams of designers, design studio, custom-made furniture, etc.). EOL works together with its professional partners to optimise the fit-out and installation process (removal of old furniture, pre-assembly, minimising noise disturbance, clean-up and disposal of waste, cutting transport flows, etc.). We’d like to thank the standard-bearers of our company’s brand image, our partners and clients, for placing their trust in us.