Our responsibility

EOL group has been committed for a number of years to ensuring the implementation of a sustainable development strategy in order to contribute in a positive way to our society’s evolution. Product Quality, the Environment and Safety of the Human user have all progressively become the founding tenets of our corporate policies.

Our environmental policy

Eol management and staff have both made respect for the environment and striving to protect it a priority for the business. Eol has the will and the ambition to be a "clean" company that is mindful of protecting the environment for a more sustainable future.


Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy

Beyond its more immediate economic purpose as a business entity, the Eol group is equally committed to establishing its own corporate social responsibility policy, to promote group cohesion as well as the personal fulfilment of its staff members.


Our quality policy

Ensuring the lasting satisfaction of our clients, both from a technical delivery and a human perspective.


Our code of ethics

Enshrines our code of conduct in interactions outside the group.


Sustainable Development

For any request or any information, you can directly send your e-mail to the following address: certifications@eol-group.net


Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Our main production facility is certified ISO 14001 compliant.

+90% of our upstream and downstream transporter partners have subscribed to the «Objectif CO2».

+80% of our product ranges are certified OEC compliant.

All of our products comply with French Environmental Standards.

100% of wood by-products from our Eu manufacturing facility are recovered and recycled.

Zero-tolerance on discrimination during the recruitment process.

Hire workers with disabilities.

Promote continuous learning and staff mobility within the company.

Gender equality in the workplace.

A fair remuneration policy.

Recruit workers over the age of 55.

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