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Looking to outsource the design and fitting-out of your office space?

EOL brings you customised furniture solutions to suit every office budget. So why not let our EOL PROJECT team demonstrate its talent and creativity. Experts in providing workspace design and fit-out advice, we’ll develop office concepts that match your requirements and company image, both in terms of spatial distribution, furniture and choice of colour scheme. Taking the personalisation of your office project one step further, our design studio’s engineers will go on to create custom-made furniture for you.

A team of experts at your service

Breathing life into this custom designed furniture and space, our team of experts sets to work integrating all the aspirations and constraints for each project, as well as ensuring compliance with relevant safety and environmental standards.

design and styling, the choice of materials

The successful creation of furniture that fits your specific office needs is dependent on a number of factors such as design and styling, the choice of materials and decorative finishes, ergonomics and functionality. By developing and elaborating a prototype within a short timeframe, we are able to manage expectations, deliver excellent service and ensure that the end product complies with qualitative and design aspects of the office project brief. This is a crucial stage when any issues can be identified and addressed prior to commencing the manufacturing of the final range of product.

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