FURNITURE for call centres

With a growing emphasis placed on staff wellbeing and workflow efficiency, call centres are being led to rethink their workspace designs.
Responding to these trends, EOL offers a custom-made solution for the design, manufacture and installation of call centre furniture.

Optimal use of space

In order to maximise the use of available space, EOL call centre furniture is compact by design. With their reduced footprints, our linear and star shaped call centre desk layouts offer an ideal solution. The linear call centre desk layout comprises rows of 2 desks positioned in a face-to-face arrangement, allowing unlimited additions of successive pairs.

Acoustic comfort

Partitions and desktop screens are specially designed for optimal acoustic comfort, ensuring greater clarity of verbal exchanges and enhanced levels of discretion.

Multiple options

For even greater comfort: combine with individual or multiple integrated flat-screen monitor arms, built-in cable routing and socket points within the furniture structure, foot-rest support, integrated hangers for accessories such as headphones, flashing LED Manager assistance notification system.

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