ESSENTIEL BENCH:  functional and stylish desks

ESSENTIEL BENCH: functional and stylish desks

Businesses are increasingly on the lookout for fit-out solutions that will allow them to optimise their office spaces and encourage the exchange of ideas and workflows. The ESSENTIEL BENCH furniture range epitomises EOL’s vision for a functional and visually appealing workplace environment.

Supported by a common underframe, it is designed to accommodate two people around a shared collaborative workstation. The worktop presents a slight overhang in relation to the legs, facilitating multiple configurations and providing the flexibility needed to achieve an ultra functional workspace. Shared workstations are fitted with two top access housing modules for direct worktop connectivity, whilst cables and wires are all neatly concealed thanks to a variety of integrated storage solutions.

Individual free-standing desks can be added to this shared workspace setup, reinforcing the range’s harmonious design aesthetic. In order to maximise individual user wellbeing at work, these free-standing desks include a built-in height-adjustment system.

Fabric covered desktop screens can be fitted to individual free-standing and shared workstations. These act as a useful privacy barrier, facilitating concentration and allowing you to establish boundaries without completely isolating employees from the surrounding workplace environment.

Complementing its functional attributes, the Essentiel Bench desk is presented with a new square section bridge design leg that imbues it with a clean and distinctly modern styling.


  • Modern styling
  • Expansive work surfaces
  • Desktop privacy screens
  • Easy assembly and dismantling


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