Eol, working hand in hand with you

Eol, working hand in hand with you

Bees Consulting, a young and thriving communications agency, chose EOL for the fit-out of its new Paris office space. After listening carefully to the client’s primary requirements, Eol provided specifically tailored advice in order to achieve the desired outcome. The objective was to devise a work environment that mirrors the agency’s image as a youthful and dynamic business, where employees feel empowered and clients are warmly welcomed.
Eol’s range of office furniture is the product of a complete rethink of old work habits, offering new and fresh solutions that promote a sense of community and an emphasis on face-to-face interactions. Flowing lines and vibrant colours lend a warm and contemporary feel to the Salsa and Bip Bop easy chair ranges. 4Most desks deliver a convivial and functional design, with shared work surfaces that promote efficient communication and teamwork. Taking cues from his client, the architect managed to play with all the available natural light to produce an inspiring work environment, permeated by a comforting sense of well-being. The employees at Bees unanimously approve of the overall quality, ergonomics, design and distribution of Eol’s office furniture fit-out.

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