Organik - A brand new range of executive furniture

Organik - A brand new range of executive furniture

All natural, innovative and eco-friendly materials - a refined design aesthetic - ingenious features EOL has incorporated three worktop surfaces: linoleum (made from natural materials such as solidified linseed oil), compact laminated or ultra-mat melamine. These surfaces are soft to the touch and highly durable (resistant to stains, scratches...), offering other benefits like antistatic, non-marking and antibacterial properties.

Organik's unique styling, conceived by our in-house design studio, incorporates square section ultra mat solid oak legs and a streamlined profile with rounded edges. With multiple configurations possible, the range facilitates the creation of distinct workstation and meeting spaces. Finally, the warmth and professional aesthetic of the workspace is further enhanced through combining metals and wood in the design of matching low and high storage units. Organik integrates innovative power management solutions: a workspace that's optimised for efficiency thanks to Aircharge ports (induction chargers for smartphones) and a functional meeting space incorporating a practical top access data/power housing.

Organik is 100% Made in France and complies with PEFC certifications for the sustainable management of forests.

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